No Card Required for CookieScan 30 Day Free Trial

No Card Required for CookieScan 30 Day Free Trial

CookieScan is looking at improvements all the time and listening to feedback from clients and potential clients. Therefore we have made our latest change. When a potential client decides to take us up on our 30-day free trial we are no longer asking for any card details at this stage.

We are only going to ask for:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address, and
  • Your chosen password

Once your email address is verified, clients can open their account and insert the website domain they want to use CookieScan on. At this stage the client can fill in other information like organisation name, address and telephone number, but only if they want to.

Once the scan is complete, the script will be provided to put into the header of the website. This will activate CookieScan with that site.  All that is left to do is to customise the pop-up to the sites colour theme, link in a privacy notice and choose the pop-up type.

We will send out reminders during the 30-day trail that the trial is nearing the end and offer an opportunity to upgrade to a standard or premium account if the client wants to. If CookieScan is not the solution for the client, all they have do is remove the script from the site and let the 30-day trial period elapse.

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