€10 Billion lawsuit for misuse of marketing cookies

Billion lawsuit for misuse of marketing cookies

Class-action lawsuits filed in the UK and Netherlands will accuse tech giants Oracle and Salesforce of breaching GDPR in the way they process and share personal data to sell online advertising.

The cases are being brought by The Privacy Collective, a European non-profit foundation that is dedicated to claiming compensation for the wrongful use of personal data.

The group claims the two companies are misusing consumers’ personal data through their third-party cookies ‘Bluekai’ and ‘Krux’, which are used to track, monitor and collect the personal data of internet users and share it in a process called real-time bidding. These cookies are hosted on a number of popular websites, the group claims, such as Amazon, Booking.com, Dropbox, Reddit and Spotify.

The Privacy Collective is accusing both Oracle and Salesforce of breaching GDPR rules by facilitating sales via harmful ads, holding personal information that consumers did not proactively consent to sharing, and inconsistently securing personal data.

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